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Participating Authors 2024

Author biographies can be found here: Author Biographies – Authors on the Move 2024


JaNay Brown-Wood, Jam, Too

Mackenzie Joy, Wallflowers

Leticia Ordaz, Super Peanut and the Big Bully: The Power of Kindness


Rabih Alameddine, The Wrong End of the Telescope

Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Tell the Rest

Lisa Bunker, Almond, Quartz, and Finch (YA Novel)

Rachel L. Ertassi, City of Trees, City of Shadows

Cindy Fazzi, Multo

Jasmin Iolani Hakes, Hula

Lio Min, Beating Heart Baby (YA Novel)

Mark Ernest Pothier, Outer Sunset


Adam Bessie and Peter Glanting, Going Remote: A Teacher’s Journey (Graphic Memoir)

Kevin Fisher-Paulson, Secrets of the Blue Bungalow

Dorothy Lazard, What You Don’t Know Will Make a Whole New World

Fred Noland, Steady Rollin’ (Graphical Memoir)

Halifu Osumare, Dancing the Afrofuture


Mina Dubin, Mom Rage: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood

Georgeanne Brennan, Pistachio (Cookbook)

Benjy Egel, Sacramento Eats (Cookbook)

Bill George, Victory in the Pool

Arif Khatib, Remember Their Sacrifice

Harvey Schwartz, Labor Under Siege


Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Look At this Blue

Susan Kelly-DeWitt, Gatherer’s Alphabet

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